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Turn around your struggling Small business fast!

Delainna specializes in the rapid transformation of struggling small businesses, employing proven strategies that has consistently delivered remarkable results for her clients. Delainna’s approach begins with a thorough assessment of  the current challenges and untapped potential, followed by the implementation of an action plan tailored to the needs of the business.

Drawing from past experiences, Delainna focus on quick wins while establishing a foundation for sustainable growth. Her strategies encompass financial optimization, operational efficiency, sales and marketing. The outcome is restored confidence and profitability for her clients. 

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Who We Help

Delainna Works with Struggling Small Business Owners Exclusively

Delainna specialize in supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners who are currently facing the challenges of staying afloat. Her dedicated services are designed to provide crucial assistance to these individuals, helping them navigate through difficult times and gain stability. 

Delainna understand the unique pressures business owners encounter and offer tailored solutions to address their specific needs. By offering expert guidance, practical strategies, and a compassionate approach, Delainna strive to empower her clients and enable them to overcome obstacles, reenergize their businesses, and achieve long-term success.

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Explore Our Services

Delainna Burton offers a range of consulting options, to help address various challenges within a business to provide her clients with a clear path towards recovery and success. Below you will find some of our most popular packages. Each package can be customized based on the specific needs of our client, their budget and the level of support required. 


Business Check-Up 

This package is designed to identify the root causes of your business challenges. Delainna will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business operations, financials, marketing strategies, and management processes. Then you will be provided with a detailed report and action plan to address weaknesses, optimize strengths, and get your business on track profitability.

Strategic Growth 

In this package, Delainna will work closely with you to develop a customized strategic growth plan for your struggling business. Delainna will assess market opportunities, competitors, and industry trends to create a clear roadmap that outlines specific growth initiatives and milestones. This package includes ongoing support to help you implement and monitor progress of the plan.

Financial Restructuring & Cost Savings 

If your business is facing financial challenges, this package focuses on restructuring and optimizing your finances to enhance profitability and sustainability. Delainna  will analyze your financial statements, cash flow, and budgeting practices and assist in making strategic decisions to cut unnecessary costs, renegotiate contracts, and improve cash flow management.

Marketing and Branding 

To revitalize your struggling business’s presence in the market, this package concentrates on improving your marketing and branding efforts. Delainna and her team will conduct a thorough review of your current marketing strategies and develop a tailored plan to enhance your brand image, online presence, and customer engagement. 


Operational Efficiency & Productivity 

This package aims to optimize your business operations and boost productivity. Delainna will analyze your workflow, systems, and processes to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for efficiency. Delainna will work with you to implement more streamlined processes with the goal of driving better results and minimizing operational costs.


Sales Program 

This package aims to revitalize your business by improving sales strategies and enhancing the overall customer experience. Through a detailed analysis of sales processes, Delainna will identify areas for improvement and develop a customized sales program to suit the goals and needs of your business. Additionally, Delainna will empower you and your sales team with targeted sales training and techniques to be more effective sellers. 

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